Insulating your room-in-roof is a simple way of reducing heating bills and stopping heat escaping through your roof space. A room-in-roof is simply a room which is set into the roof space. Generally the property will be a bungalow which has had a loft conversion, or it may be part of the original design. A room-in-roof is accessed from a fixed staircase and will typically have sloping ceilings and dormer or sloping windows. Because of the unique design, a room-in-roof is often poorly insulated and overlooked when applying insulation measures.


Around 25% of heat lost in un-insulated homes is lost through the roof. Room-in-roof insulation is a relatively low cost option, is generally effective for around 40 years and will pay for itself several times over in this period. Room-in-roof insulation also helps to reduce your heating bill, saving you between £45 and £150 every year; it will also reduce your carbon emissions and keep heat out of your house in the summer months. Installation is usually quick and easy, taking around 1-2 hours.

Room-in-roof insulation could cut your heating costs by up to 25%. The actual monetary and carbon dioxide savings may vary depending on a number of factors such as how much insulation you already have, how much you heat house during the winter, which fuel you use and how long you have your heating on for, but you could be looking at around £175 per year. Even if your loft is already insulated our Green Deal Assessor will have checked that you have the recommended depth in order to maximise savings.



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